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Renovated amenities with unrivaled downtown views!
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Recommended Furniture For Your Living Space
September 23, 2022   |   Jillian Letourneau

Your Devonshire interior decor is purely subjective — a reflection of your personal tastes and personality. Because design is in the eye of the beholder, furniture preferences change, depending on the room aesthetic. From modernistic to industrial, and everything in between, here are essential Recommended Furniture For Your Living Space: 

Bouclé Chair

If you desire comfort and style, this accent piece delivers character in a room. Created by looped and woven wool, lounging in the living room just got a whole lot more comfortable. Because of the chair’s small size, they can easily be paired together, combining multiple shades of white and the varying textures of the room. 

Will Bouclé ever go out of style? Probably not… if these celebrities have anything to say about it.  

Concrete Coffee Table 

For a stylish coffee table that doesn’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with cement tables. The modern feel of these tables complement any living space and serves as the center point of any room. In fact, they’re pretty affordable, with options at West Elm and Wayfair for a little over $100. So, if you want to toss your mail and keys on the surface, converting the table into a glorified storage space, you can do it without the guilt of breaking the bank.    

Wall-Mounted Bookcase

This furniture use minimalism to scale small spaces, usually arranging five shelves to ladder up walling. Traditionally, the shelving is engineer wood with glossy lacquer. For a more industrious look, swap the aluminum frame with metal. 

Either way, the book shelves look awesome when securely mounted to the wall.  

Upholstered Platform Bed Frame 

A bed frame is so much more than a headboard. 

Ditch the generic metal frame for the exceptional style provided by an upholstered platform bed frame. Coupling this chic design with the aforementioned concrete coffee table surprisingly won’t make you go bankrupt. If you’re looking for something simple yet cozy, ZINUS is the brand to purchase!  

SOHO Management Chair 

Working remotely is more prevalent than ever. Might as well invest in a decent office chair. 

The SOHO series management chairs are making a comeback. After serving as the #1 choice for mid century offices, these durable leatherette offerings come in a variety of colors that will appease all interior decorates. Plus, the upholstery is now made with vegan leather to accommodate the eco-conscious. 

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