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Renovated amenities with unrivaled downtown views!
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Tips for Welcoming Springtime into Your Devonshire Home
April 9, 2021   |   Jillian Letourneau

Spring has sprung, the weather is getting warmer, trees are gaining back their leaves, and flowers are beginning to bloom! These tips to bring the season to your living space will transport the sunshine and brightness of spring into your Devonshire home! 

Rearrange your Space

With the change of the seasons, it’s natural to want a change in your living space as well. As the weather becomes warmer and being outdoors becomes more inviting, opening up your space to match that energy is a great way to bring the feeling of spring into your Devonshire home! This can mean opening up areas which were previously cluttered with furnishings, or it could mean doing a bit of purging and taking on a more minimalistic decorating stance! Whatever you choose to do, the abundant natural light that Devonshire’s living spaces allow and your newly rearranged space are sure to make your home match the season! 

Spring Scents

One of the trademark signs that spring is officially here is the scent of freshly bloomed flowers flowing through the air. Having a fresh, clean, and or floral scent in your home is an easy and sure-fire way to excite your senses and bring a bit of that spring feeling into your home! Stylish and decorative wax warmers, reed diffusers, plug-ins, and many other methods can be used to accomplish this, and are sure to get you in the warm-weather mood! 

Pops of Color

Once you’ve rearranged your space and added a way to enjoy your favorite spring scent, adding pops of color to your home is the perfect way to brighten any room and give you a sense of warmer days to come! Pops of color can come in many shapes and sizes, and can be small accent items, linens, indoor plants, or even larger pieces of furniture for those who have a more adventurous decorating side. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to wake up in a sunny, colorful mood after your Devonshire home’s easy, spring transformation!  

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