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Valentine’s Day Traditions (You Didn’t Know About)
February 3, 2023   |   Jillian Letourneau

Valentine’s Day is the love-filled holiday the romantic and twitterpated look forward to every February 14th. Outside the hundreds of millions of cards exchanged nationally each year and the countless chocolates consumed, there are traditions that might surprise you. 

For some, Valentine’s Day isn’t just heart-shaped balloons and immaculate floral arrangements. Things can get a little strange around the holiday, somehow even odder than a cute little cherub donning a bow and arrow as the holiday’s official mascot. 

We’re always game for a little unorthodox affection on such a heart-themed occasion around Devonshire:

Galentine’s Day 

Basically, it’s Beyonce’s Single Ladies, but IRL. 

Now a staple amongst single ladies everyone, the unofficial spinoff of V-Day was introduced by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. In the episode, Leslie declares that Galentine’s Day is all about “Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst.” 

The holiday is so popular, that searched for “Galentine’s Day” have increased over 400% since 2015. 

Quirkyalone Day

The official tagline: “Love Thyself”. 

The strangely titled “International Quirkyalone Day”, a very stark contrast to the coupling involved in February 14th. 

Another alternative created by the single community, “Quirkyalone Day” is a firm reminder for those riding solo to celebrate themselves. 

Celebrated in 40 cities throughout the United States, the day is meant to not be anti-Valentine’s Day, but to celebrate individuality and the independent spirit! 

Movie Releases

In America, Valentine’s Day is an industry, generating $27.4 billion a year in spent cash. Movie theaters saw this and decided to cash in on the mullah. 

Female-skewing box office features are an annual event at this time of year. The romance genre always gets a boost throughout the February months. The steamy romantic drama Fifty Shades Of Grey debuted to $85 million in 2015 and producers never looked back. 

This year sees the release of the hotly anticipated Magic Mike 3 and the return of Titanic to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  

Letters To Juliet 

He’s long dead, but the legacy of William Shakespeare still lives on outside of his writing. Each year, in honor of his masterwork Romeo And Juliet, thousands of letters are sent throughout the world to Verona, Italy. 

The purpose: these are love letters written to tragically deceased character Juliet Capulet. 

Volunteers, known as Juliet’s Secretaries, read through the letters and pick a winner of the “Cara Giulietta” prize. The victor gets to attend Verona and attend a special ceremony. 

Experiential Gifts Are The New Chocolate & Flowers 

Millennials and Generation Z are ditching tradition. Since 2017, 45% of consumers are moving towards experiential gift options. These include tickets to a concert, outdoor activities, an evening out, etc. 

Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, lovers are now going out in droves, eager for post-lockdown experiences. Cities host Valentine’s Day themed concerts, holiday inspired cuisine options, and other lover’s influenced attractions. 

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