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Why Medical Residents Should Match with Devonshire for Match Day 2022
March 9, 2022   |   Devonshire

On this Match Day, Friday, March 18, many medical students will have a career defining day on which they will be matched with a hospital to complete their residency. On Match Day at Devonshire, we want to welcome new residents to our community and to the Boston lifestyle. Proximity to Boston hospitals and stress-eliminating, convenience oriented amenities and features make Devonshire the perfect match for medical residents!

Proximity to Boston hospitals 

Devonshire is conveniently located within walking distance of the majority of Boston’s hospitals. With easy access to public transportation, a quick drive, or even an easy bike ride, the pressure of a stressful commute is eliminated for medical workers. View a map on our website by clicking here

Features and amenities to make your life easier 

Working in the medical field can be extremely busy, and Devonshire has features and amenities that take away some of the daily stresses life can bring. We have an on-site masseuse, an indoor pool that is open year-round, a brand new world-class gym, and friendly faces at our 24-hour concierge desk, who are willing to help with anything they need. Additionally, for those residents moving either just a short distance or cross-country, Devonshire’s spacious apartments are equipped with plenty of storage to house all of your belongings. Learn more by clicking here.

Rest easy at Devonshire 

Those working in the medical field have enough to stress about, but Devonshire eliminates much of the outside stress involving a daily commute and proximity to many important places. Living at Devonshire, you can rest easy knowing that you only have a five minute walk to many essential services such as grocery stores, a pharmacy, late night take out, and much more. On days off, residents can relax and decompress an apartment with stunning views of the beautiful city of Boston. 

Ready to live the quintessential Boston lifestyle? Devonshire is perfect for you. Contact us or schedule a tour today and take advantage of the Match Day special with up to 1 month free!

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