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Plan a Trip to the Charlestown Navy Yard

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The Charlestown Navy Yard, which is also referred to as the Boston Navy Yard and at one time was called the Boston Naval Shipyard, is a popular tourist destination. For those of us living in the city, however, places like this tend to escape our notice. The truth is, visiting the Navy Yard can be a fun outing, especially if you love history. It also hosts fun events throughout the year that locals enjoy. Here’s more information:

History of the Navy Yard

The Charlestown Navy Yard is part of the United States National Park Service because of the role it has played in the history of our nation and also in the history of the United States Navy. It was one of the original six naval ports in the United States and over time developed into an important shipbuilding hub. Construction on ships began during the Revolutionary War and continued throughout its history. Currently, two famous ships, the USS Constitution and the USS Cassin Young, are housed here. The USS Constitution played an important role in our history and is credited with winning three naval battles during the War of 1812. The USS Cassin Young was part of the Pacific Front during World War II and survived two kamikaze attacks.

The Visitor’s Center

For those who love history, spending time at this National Historical Park is worthwhile. Stop in at the visitor’s center to learn about the history of the Navy Yard. This is also where you will want to go to book tours and get more information about visiting other parts of the site, such as visiting the USS Constitution or the USS Cassin Young. The visitor’s center is located in Building 5 at the Charlestown Navy Yard. To get here from Devonshire, take Bus Number 93 from Congress Street at State Street to Chelsea Street at Constitution Road.

Events to Attend at the Navy Yard

One of the fun things about the Charlestown Navy Yard is that it holds events throughout the year. For example, the USS Constitution Museum regularly runs programs and events that serve to educate and entertain its participants. Events include the Lego Maritime Festival, which will be held until February 24th and regularly scheduled “hands on” programs that give visitors a unique perspective on the city’s maritime history. The Navy Yard itself hosts fun events throughout the year, such as its annual participation in the Boston Sail Event, which usually takes place in the fall. Visit this page for more information about events. Visiting the Charlestown Navy Yard offers a great way to spend some time. Not only will you learn about some of Boston’s history, but you will also have the opportunity to attend unique events.

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