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6 Places to Dine by the Fire in Boston

admin on February 9, 2016 - 9:00 am in Around Town
Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that we need to stay home in order to be warm! These Boston restaurants are not only known for their delicious cuisine, but they also boast a fireplace. You might need to make reservations to snag a table by the fire. Here are some of our favorite picks:

Bistro du Midi

If French cuisine is one of your passions, Bistro du Midi on Boylston Street is the ideal place for you! Ideal for special occasions and every day meals alike, this restaurant merges French charm with a classic Boston touch. Be sure to sample their tasting menu and order one of their delicious wines to accompany their food.


Yvonne’s, located on Winter Place, is the hottest restaurant in Boston right now. It’s also only a ten-minute walk from Devonshire! A modern take on the traditional supper club, this restaurant features a creative menu with a gorgeous interior. As an extra bonus, the restaurant has a beautiful fireplace!


Deuxave, which offers a unique blend of elegance and old neighborhood charm, is another Boston restaurant that has a fireplace. Located on Commonwealth Avenue, this restaurant has a chic, environmentally friendly menu and an impressive wine list. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a seat by the fire. Even if not, most of the tables are within view of it.

Bastille Kitchen

Although the main restaurant at Bastille Kitchen doesn’t have a fireplace, the Chalet Lounge does. This is another French-inspired Boston area restaurant which sets itself apart by delivering a traditionally French culinary experience with all the delight of a New England eatery. If you really do want a great seat by the fire in the lounge, they do serve the full dinner menu. You can even make a reservation if needed!

The Fireplace

You’ll have to make the short journey to Brookline, MA to visit The Fireplace restaurant, but unlike other Boston eateries that have a fireplace, at this restaurant, the fire is at the center of the experience! Perfect for any occasion, this restaurant serves brunch on the weekends and has a lunch menu and dinner menu throughout the week.

Strega Waterfront

The waterfront branch of Strega, a premier steakhouse, not only boasts an elegant setting but also has a gorgeous, modern fireplace. Recipient of the Wine Spectator 2015 Best of Award of Excellence, this restaurant is known for its modernized take on a classic steakhouse environment. If you decide to drive to this location, consider taking advantage of their valet services so that you don’t need to walk from the parking lot. These Boston restaurants all boast a delicious menu and a gorgeous fireplace. They will definitely keep you warm on a cold day!

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