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6 of the Best Places to Eat Ice Cream near Boston

admin on August 16, 2016 - 7:05 pm in Around Town, Featured
In Boston, summer is the perfect time to eat ice cream! Although you can surely find ice cream year round, it’s particularly refreshing during the warmer months. Whether you enjoy a dish of this icy treat at a restaurant after a meal or you buy it from an ice cream vendor off the street, this dessert is a guaranteed way to stay cool as the temperature climbs. Here’s a list of some of the best places near Devonshire to buy your ice cream:

Ghirardelli Chocolate

If you find yourself in Faneuil Hall, you should make it a point to stop in at the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop, which serves up delicious ice cream that features their signature chocolates. It is conveniently located at 6 North Market in Faneuil Hall, which is only a 5-minute walk from the Devonshire apartments. They do serve ice cream year round, but it tastes even better in the summer!


Italian-style is a little bit different than American-style ice cream, even though the two treats are similar. If you’re hankering after ice cream’s softer, creamier cousin, you should consider visiting the Gelateria on Hanover Street in the North End. Their ice cream is handmade using the original Italian technique and is the perfect choice, especially if you are in the North End for dinner. It is only a 15-minute walk from the Devonshire apartments.

Mike’s Pastry

Mike’s Pastry isn’t necessarily known for their ice cream, but what they do have is delicious! This is a go-to spot for all things sweet in the North End and while you’re shopping for cannolis to bring home, you may want to get some ice cream to snack on as you wander the North End, as well! Don’t be surprised if you’re stuck waiting in line, though. Mike’s Pastry is one of those iconic places that visitors from all over the world gravitate to.

JP Licks

As far as ice cream places goes, the go-to spot for summer ice cream is JP Licks, which has several locations around the city. Unfortunately, there are no JP Licks locations in downtown Boston near the Devonshire. However, if you find yourself in places like Davis Square, Assembly Row, Coolidge Corner, or on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, you should make it a point to stop in!


Picco is another great spot for ice cream, but it is also known for much more than that. Stop in and have some of their delicious pizza, too! Although it isn’t exactly within walking distance from the Devonshire Apartments, it isn’t far if you take the T (use the Orange Line). They have a good ice cream list, and they often change their flavors depending on what’s available.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is classically New England. The Vermont-based company has a location on Newbury Street that is open all year! To sample their flavors, Devonshire Apartment residents should consider coming to our ice cream social on Wednesday, August 24th from 5-8 PM. The store will be sending their servers with six different ice cream flavors plus toppings! These ice cream places are amongst the best in the Boston area and they’re sure to keep you cool during the hot summer months!

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