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4 Tips for Entertaining in a Smaller Space

admin on April 22, 2014 - 8:30 am in Apartment Living
Who doesn’t love a good party? Whether you are having just three or four friends over for an intimate dinner, or squeezing 15 people into your apartment for a birthday party entertaining in a smaller space has its own set of unique challenges. But these challenges can easily be overcome if you just plan a little and prep your apartment for the party.

Here are four tips for entertaining in a smaller space:

Move Furniture Around

Many of the Devonshire apartments feature spacious floor plans, where the dining room and living room blend into each other because there is no physical wall separating the two. Many of our residents choose to divide the two areas using bookcases or open shelving units (which are easy to rearrange as needed) to create a more visually attractive separation of space. If you are hosting a dinner party or perhaps a group of friends for drinks and nibbles and need to make extra space don’t be afraid to stretch that dinner table as long as you need! Move those dividers into the bedroom or along the wall for the evening, tuck the coffee table away, swap out big armchairs for smaller ones so you can seat more guests, and so forth. We found this great blog with a before and after photo that show you how much space you can create when you move furniture around! At the end of the night you can always ask your guests to help move things back.

Maximize counter space.

Smaller apartments usually mean smaller kitchens, which limits how much counter space you have to prep and serve food from. One great way to maximize your entertaining space is to use cake display trays to elevate your food up. This is a great way to serve multiple appetizers or side dishes at the same time without using the whole counter or table space, giving you room to work, serve more food, give your guests a place to put their drinks down, and enjoy your party.

Turn coffee tables into seats.

Those low coffee tables might not be the best things to have your guests dine from, but they can actually make great seating options (as long as they aren’t glass)! All you need to do is add a colorful throw pillow for your guests to sit on and voila! If you want a more intimate and bohemian look, why not use your coffee table for dinning and put the throw pillows and stacked blankets on the floor to make everyone comfortable?

Serve drinks in pitchers.

Instead of trying to find a place to stack boxes of your favorite beer, bottles of wine, hard liquor and mixers, save yourself some space by serving all your drinks in larger glass pitchers or beverage dispensers. This way, your guests can serve themselves and you don’t have to worry about having cans and bottles to collect and dispose of the next day.

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