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Last Minute Apartment Cleaning Tips for Parties

admin on March 24, 2015 - 8:00 am in Apartment Living, Featured
You’ve decided to have a last minute party. The only problem is, your apartment could use a good cleaning! The good news is that you can quickly get your space party-ready no matter how messy it is. Here are some tips for each “problem area” that will get everything in tip-top shape before guests arrive:

Clutter Piles

The first thing you need to do is control any clutter piles that are in the main party areas. If there are a lot of them, you’re better off putting everything in a box and putting it in a closet or in a room that you won’t be using for the party. Just don’t forget to clean out the box after the party is over! This shouldn’t take any more than five minutes.

Clean the Kitchen

People tend to congregate in the kitchen during parties so you’ll want to spend most of your time there. Do the dishes, scrub the counters and sink, and sweep the floor. You’ll also want to spot clean any obvious stains on the floor. There’s no need to mop! This shouldn’t take any more than fifteen minutes. If you run a cycle of the dishwasher, empty it as soon as the cycle is finished. This makes party cleanup much easier.


You’ll want to make sure your main bathroom is clean. If you have more than one bathroom, consider closing (and maybe even locking) the door if you don’t want anyone to use the extra bathroom. If you have extra time before guests arrive, you can clean the other bathrooms. However, you’ll want to make the main bathroom the priority.


Next, you’ll want to clean the floors in the rest of your apartment. If you have hardwood, you can just sweep it. You may want to use a vacuum cleaner, however, if your floors are particularly dirty. Focus on the rooms where the party will be. Close any doors to rooms that won’t be used.


Since people will be resting glasses and plates on your tabletops while they mingle, these should also be cleaned. Since you’ve already cleared any clutter piles, this should be a breeze. To do this, just run a microfiber cloth designed to trap debris over the surfaces. If your tabletops are really dirty, use an appropriate spray cleaner to get it off.

Everywhere Else

With any time you have left, you can clean the rest of the apartment, especially any extra bathrooms. You never know if you’ll need extra space. Remember, if you don’t want people in some of your rooms, you should close and lock the doors for those rooms (if possible). Once the apartment is clean, you need to set your apartment up for the party! Make sure guests have plenty of room to mingle – you may need to move some furniture around. You’ll also want to set out any drinks and foods you’ll be serving for the party. Next, sit back and relax and wait for people to arrive. You did it!

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