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Springtime Decorating Tips For Your Apartment

admin on April 21, 2015 - 8:00 am in Apartment Living
Spring is the perfect time to change your decorating scheme, especially since you can do it while you’re spring-cleaning! Winter colors and fabrics tend to be a bit heavy. Spring is the perfect time to update your look with something much more refreshing! Here are some tips:

Decorate With Fresh Flowers

Celebrate the fact that nature is starting to wake up by displaying fresh flowers throughout your living space. Tulips, for example, are in season now and they always remind us that spring is here. You can find fresh flowers in just about any supermarket. Also, feel free to visit your favorite florist – there are several that are close to each other in the South End’s “Flower District”.

Change Your Colors

One of the major things you’ll want to change about your apartment’s décor is the color scheme. Winter colors tend to be on the heavier, darker side. For example, dark purple, navy, deep red, gray, and even black are acceptable choices in the winter. This isn’t the case for spring! At the very least, you should change your accent color to something that is a little fresher. However, it’s recommended to change your color scheme entirely during the warmer months. You can always change it back next winter! For spring, look for light colors such as pastels, yellow, pale orange, light blue, and light green.

Buy a New Bedspread

Are you bored with your current bedspread? Now is the perfect time to give your bedroom an update! Choose bedclothes that feature light colors, such as pale yellow, light blue, or pink. Skip the heavy patterns and choose something on the lighter side. Look for patterns that feature flowers and simple geometric shapes. You can also skip the pattern altogether and just select a solid colored bedspread in a color that reminds you of spring.

Update Your Curtains

Another great way to update your décor for spring is to change your curtains. If you update your bedspread, you’ll definitely want to purchase matching curtains. You can continue a similar theme throughout your entire apartment. In the winter, you may have preferred a heavier curtain that could help you block out reminders of the dreary weather. Now that the sun is shining more often, why not change your curtains to something that will let in a little more light?

Change Your Accessories

In order to decorate for spring, you don’t need to make any major changes. All you need to do is swap out a few of your accessories in order to update your look! For example, if your winter throw pillows feature dark, winter colors, you can replace them with throw pillows that feature vibrant colors and patterns for springtime! Other suggestions include buying a different area rug, swapping out your knickknacks, and changing your kitchen table’s centerpiece. Even though you can always start from scratch when redecorating for spring, it’s not necessary. Just a few simple swaps can be just what you need!

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