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Hosting a Saint Patrick’s Day Party in Your Apartment

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Boston
admin on March 17, 2015 - 7:17 pm in Apartment Living
There’s no doubt that Saint Patrick’s Day is serious business in Boston. Thousands of Irish immigrants settled in Boston during the famine in the 1800s and the city has had undeniable Irish flair every since. The Boston Celtics, anyone? Each year, thousands of people from around the world flock to the city to attend the parade in South Boston or visit one of our many Irish pubs. It’s nothing short of a good time! How are you celebrating this year? If you want something different (and maybe a little less crazy), consider having a party in your apartment rather than going out. Here are some tips:

Have an Open House

How many people do you want at your party? If you have a smaller apartment and your guest list is rather large, consider turning your party into an open house. There are several Irish pubs (as well as some of the oldest in the nation) within walking distance of the Devonshire as Faneuil Hall is just across the street! By telling people to stop by while they’re out, it will naturally rotate the guest list so everyone isn’t at your place at the same time. It also makes it easier for your guests as they can easily party hop throughout the night.

Make Everything Green

No Saint Patrick’s Day party is complete without the color green! Encourage your guests to wear it. Hang green streamers and balloons. Cover your tables with green tablecloths. You can also find disposable table clothes, napkins, and plastic plates with an Irish theme. Hang pictures of Ireland and maybe even find a strand or two of green Christmas lights to put up. You can even make your food green with a little food coloring. The possibilities are endless!

Use Space Wisely

Are you inviting a lot of people over? No matter how big or small your apartment is, you may want to change your furniture around to make it easier for your guests to move around. Make sure your entryways are clear of any furniture so there is more room to maneuver (you can always store small pieces in your bedroom for the night). Determine which rooms you want the party to focus on, and close any doors to rooms that are off-limits. If you don’t want people to congregate in the kitchen (and they often do!), set up the food and beverages in your living room.

Play Irish Music

Irish music can really set the mood! You may want to take some time to build a really fun playlist before the party begins or just rely on music apps like Pandora and Spotify to do the heavy lifting. Chances are they’ll play a great mix of traditional Celtic music (think pipes and fiddles), as well as more modern Celtic rock. For a little Boston flare, be sure play the Dropkick Murphy’s (they’re from Quincy!).

What to Drink

You’ll definitely want to have plenty of beer on hand. Anything Irish, such as Guinness or Kilkenny, will do the trick. You can also take any light beer you like and turn it green with a few drops of food coloring. To mix things up, you can also keep some Irish Whisky on hand and serve some of these Irish cocktails.

Eat Like the Irish

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without corned beef and cabbage? If you’re having people over, you can serve them a traditional Irish meal. Now, obviously there’s more to Irish cuisine than just boiled food but it’s a staple for anyone in Boston celebrating Saint Patty’s day. Serving your snacks and food buffet style allows your party guests can eat whenever they want and keep you out of the kitchen so you can actually enjoy your party!

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